Progress and Fundraising

Progress Update

What’s new in April 2017?

Phase1B (Mattapoisett NeckRoad to Depot Street in the Village, See graphic below) is confirmed for full funding for next fiscal year which begins October 2017. Permitting is moving along.  Town Meeting vote needed for to “perfect”deeds only.  Town funding obligations have been met.

Beginning approximately October/November, bidding and construction will be administered by MassDOT.

Mattapoisett Neck Rd to Depot Street

Construction permit submissions for PHASE 1B (shown in pink, below) are progressing smoothly. The Friends anticipate that construction will begin in late 2017 or early 2018.

Industrial Drive to Marion

Looking forward, the Friends are planning for a much smaller, very do-able project that will connect Mattapoisett to the planned route to Marion. In 2016, the Friends commissioned a conceptual design and cost estimate for the work of paving the ½-mile section of gravel road between Industrial Drive and the Marion Town Line. Our ultimate goal is a fully paved connection to Marion complete in 2020 when the Marion Pathway is built.

While we work towards a fully off-road connection, the bicycle route between Main Street (Mattapoisett Center) and Industrial Drive will be via the safest existing streets between these two points and will have”bike route” markings denoting such.


Beginning May 2017 with the Tour de Creme event, Friends will be raising funds for DESIGN DOCUMENTS to permit and pave the section shown in gray on the map. We will soon have our formalized fundraising materials to share with interested donors.

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Marion-Mattapoisett Progress map